“What I love about the Advance Program is the additional support the program provides for my classmates and [me].”

By Cait-Amoi Goulbourne

November 5, 2021

Rashida is a student at the Montego Bay Community College. She is enrolled in the Health and Wellness Tourism Programme. Rashida is also a recipient of an Advance Program scholarship. She shares her college experience and journey with Advance.  


Rashida: Hey everyone, my name is Rashida Haughton, and I am one of the recipients of the Advance Program scholarship in health and wellness tourism here at the Montego Bay Community College. 


Text on screen: Who is Rashida Haughton? 


Rashida: I am a 22-year-old Christian girl, who is currently living with both parents and my younger brother. 


Rashida: What do I enjoy doing? 


Rashida: I am very passionate about sports, and I am a very multi-talented girl. 


Text on screen: What is your life motto? 


Rashida: Some would say that the sky is the limit, but for me, I believe that it is way beyond the sky which means there is no limit. 


Text on screen: Why did you apply for the Health and Wellness Tourism Program? 


Rashida: I went to the historical Anchovy High School from grade seven to eleven, and I actually did repeat grade eleven only because I have a passion for sports and everything that promotes a healthy lifestyle, which contributed to me studying health and wellness tourism at the Montego Bay Community College. 


Text on screen: What does the scholarship mean to you? 


Rashida: Since receiving this wonderful scholarship by the Advance Program through USAID, I have ventured into the health and wellness tourism field. 


Rashida: Since I was already introduced to tourism, I believe that this course that I am doing, is advancing my knowledge, and challenging me to be better. 


Rashida: I will be successful. I will leave a mark in the world, and I plan to leave a legacy for future generations. 


Text on screen: What are your impressions of the Advance Program? 


Rashida: What I love about the Advance Program is the additional support the program provides for my classmates and [me].  Advance connects us with industry players and hosts labor bridging sessions. My favorite is the entrepreneurship coaching sessions, mainly because I want to start my own business in the future. 


Text on screen: What are your future plans? 


Rashida: My mother always says that I’m a very special girl. I’m extraordinary. Which means despite all my failures and my flaws I will get there even if it takes longer that everyone else, I will make it. 


Rashida: In the future what I plan to do is to create something that has food and health and wellness incorporated. 



Rashida: Well, that’s my story, the Advance Program, funded by USAID, thank you so much for investing in my future.  

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