Higher Education Opens Doors for Tashana

By Cait-Amoi Goulbourne

February 28, 2023

Tashana Golding

Tashana Golding was a scholarship student with Advance, a workforce development program with the goal of increasing youth employability. Today, her training has improved her quality of life, where she represents Jamaica on the international stage as a beauty specialist. 

Golding completed the Associate of Applied Science degree in Health and Wellness Tourism at Excelsior Community College. “This is a big accomplishment for me. Looking back at where I am coming from, to where I am now, [I’m]grateful,” she gushed. She added that completing the degree made her more marketable, opened doors for her to work internationally, and gave her the push and motivation to start a new journey. This led her to seizing the opportunity to live an adventurous life on an international cruise ship.  

Golding’s wellness tourism associate degree also gave her marketing and sales skills, as well as meetings and event management skills, all of which she uses in her current position.  

“My role is to plan and host beauty events. I also do skin consultations and presentations about beauty and wellness.” She added that she works with international brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Lancôme. 

Tashana Golding shares her experience with Cait-Amoi Goulbourne, communication specialist with the Advance Program

Reminiscing on her life before her degree, Golding said her life is on the path of getting better. “I will not say life changed completely for my family and me, but is gradually getting there.” She credits her progress to her determination and vision—from a young age—to complete all the levels of education. She emphasized that nothing could stop her, not her family’s circumstances nor the influence of her community.  

“Education means a pathway to freedom and that’s all I had as a child growing up. I envisioned myself to that next level of education. The reason why I had applied for the scholarship was to live my vision. I am very determined to learn and grow. I know what it feels like to go to school without lunch money. I can recall moments when I only had bus fare,” she added.  

Golding is also the first member of her family to reach the higher education level. “I grew up in a single-parent household. I am the only child for my mother who has gone through the Jamaican education system full term i.e basic (early childhood), primary, secondary, and tertiary.”  

Golding is grateful for the opportunity she received from the Advance Program and is looking forward to completing a bachelor’s degree. She is enjoying her time as a beauty specialist visiting different countries via sea and advises youth to take full advantage of every opportunity received.   

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