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Student Experience

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Paulette Harris*: Health and Wellness Tourism Program, Excelsior Community College

The Health and Wellness Tourism Program is a great program, since doing the program, I have really learnt a lot and I have become more aware of what is happening globally. Advance plays an integral role in our lives, their input has given us the opportunity to achieve and excel and to be on the forefront of a developing industry.

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Amoy Smith*: Entertainment and Events Management Program, Vocational Training Development Institute

The Advance Program allowed me to start tertiary education. It made me realize that I need to take opportunities once they arrive and make the best of it. Getting the scholarship makes me believe that anything is possible and that dreams do come through. Education means success, it means a better way of living or a better way of life. For years, I felt like I was in darkness because education means so much and I was unable to access tertiary education. Thank God for the Advance Program I am now shining through. The journey has been awesome! I am so blessed and grateful. Going to school daily makes me smile and so grateful.

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Alex Plummer*: Agro-processing and Business Management Program, College of Agricultural Science and Education

I believe that the Agro-processing and Business Management Program is a very interesting program. From high school I have always wanted to do business and science together and this program has created that opportunity for me.
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