Logros clave y lecciones aprendidas del Programa Regional Avanza en Honduras

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Mar 26, 2021

Tegucigalpa – Autoridades, directores, coordinadores, estudiantes e invitados especiales de las universidades UNAH, CEUTEC de UNITEC y UCENM celebraron mediante un evento virtual, las lecciones aprendidas y resultados alcanzados por el Programa. Gracias a la colaboración técnica y financiera de USAID ejecutada en coordinación con estas tres universidades socias, se cierra un programa novedoso que…

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Putting Theory into Practice: Piloting Faculty Externships in Logistics 

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Aug 18, 2020

The new technical degree program in Logistics, Transportation and Port Operations at the Universidad Cristiana Evangélica Nuevo Milenio (UCENM) in San Pedro Sula, Honduras has collaborative ties with nearby ports, cargo transportation, and customs businesses. During the curriculum mapping stages for this degree, the Advance Program (“Program”) organized working sessions between UCENM and these relevant businesses. The…

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A Turning Point: How the Advance Program Helps Luis Succeed

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Aug 17, 2020

As one of five children of a single mother in Huehuetenango, Luis Fernando Alva Cifuentes draws motivation to succeed from his family. His family has inspired his dedication to his studies, as his mother and older sister have helped Luis throughout secondary school, ensuring he was able to earn scholarships and awards. After finishing secondary…

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Practice Makes Perfect: The Advance Program’s Work with Internships

By Kaly Moot | Jun 12, 2020

In a competitive job market, a degree alone might not be a sufficient qualification for a job. As employers demand increasingly more qualified job candidates, students must look for new ways to differentiate themselves beyond simply their academic experiences. Internships can be a critical way for students to gain experience outside the classroom, with a…

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Learning by doing: How professional development opportunities changed one teacher’s perspective

By Ruth Chisholm | Sep 24, 2019

Written by: Cait-Amoi Goulbourne Introducing a new program in any training institution means both faculty and students must be prepared for the new curriculum. This preparation, however, entails much more than building skills in course development and delivery. For Alia Wedderburn, head of the School of Aesthetics and Cosmetology at Excelsior Community College, professional development…

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One plus one will always equal more than two

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Jul 26, 2019

One of the most effective ways to reach objectives and overcome problems is to unite efforts for a common goal. In this spirit, Honduras has developed a partnership for education and workforce so that key actors, such as the Secretary of Education, USAID and the private sector, could come together through seminars and workshops to…

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An entrepreneurial journey in Guatemala

By Alejandro Paredes | Jul 10, 2019

Eunice Cristel Marroquín studies in the Hotel Management and Gastronomy technical degree program at the Universidad Rafael Landivar (URL).  Cristel first learned about the Advance Program through her participation in the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) program called, Grupo de Jovenes Constuctores.  The program provides support to youth between the ages of 16 and 24, that is unemployed and out of school.  The program offers job placement services, support…

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Improving curricular revision processes in Honduras to strengthen technical degree programs

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Jun 24, 2019

In December 2018, the Advance Program in Honduras designed and implemented a workshop for 32 faculty and staff from the technical degree programs Auxiliary Nursing and Web Design & Development at the Centro Universitario Tecnologico (CEUTEC).  The objectives for this event were two-fold, (1) work on the curriculum development of the two degree programs Advance…

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Creating Mentorship Opportunities for Jamaican Youth

By Ruth Chisholm | Jun 11, 2019

Written by: Cait-Amoi Goulbourne The Advance Program, a five-year regional technical education strengthening program funded by USAID and implemented by FHI 360 in Honduras, Guatemala, and Jamaica, is on a journey to prepare Jamaican youth for the world of work. In Jamaica, Advance works with the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica to strengthen degree…

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Aeon Chintersingh Advances His Dream

By Ruth Chisholm | Jun 4, 2019
Photograph of Aeon

Aeon Chintersingh is living his dream. He gets to study animation at the Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI) after receiving a scholarship through the Advance Program.

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To improve youth employability, the Advance Program is strengthening the capacity of select two-and-three-year technical tertiary education programs to provide market-relevant, quality training to disadvantaged youth in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras and Jamaica.