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Priority Economic Sectors

  • Health Services
  • Tourism
  • Coffee
  • Textiles

Skills Needed

  • Social Emotional: creativity, communication
  • Cognitive: basic mathematics, computer skills
  • Technical: logistics, supply chain management

Country Context

TegucigalpaThe second largest country in Central America, Honduras is a lower middle-income country with a large percentage of its population living in poverty. The country’s education system is struggling to prepare youth for modern skilled jobs, and inequitable access and low quality remain an issue. A high proportion of young people are neither working nor in school. Those who do find employment opportunities remain in the informal, agricultural and low-end services sector.

The Advance Labor Market Assessment identified four priority sectors—coffee, tourism, textiles and health services—which have the potential to generate quality employment opportunities in the future. In order to succeed in these promising industries, youth must be better equipped with the technical, cognitive and social emotional skills that employers demand. Advance is partnering with three tertiary technical education institutions across Honduras to improve pedagogy and update course offerings to be more relevant and responsive to the labor market, so that students graduate with the skills necessary to succeed.