Dominican Republic Labor Market Assessment

May 11, 2021


Using FHI 360’s rigorous labor market assessment framework to evaluate market demand for skills in the Dominican Republic, this study’s authors analyze a blend of quantitative and qualitative data to examine economic trends and patterns and identify growth sectors in the country. The study looks at the demand for technical education graduates and the supply of qualified workers in these selected growth sectors. The assessment also identifies some key stakeholders and participants who could be involved in efforts to strengthen market relevant technical training programs based on the country’s workforce needs.

Based on results of this assessment, the research team identified the following as “growth sectors”: premium food processing, light manufacturing, the “Orange Economy” (tourism, creative industries, and information and communications technology – ICT), transport and logistics, and health. In addition, the team found promising pre-COVID tendencies towards higher economic and export growth, decreases in the unemployment and poverty rates, and increased levels of formal employment and educational attainment.

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